What are the Selby Swans doing to end plastic soup?

The war on plastics grows stronger every day and is fast becoming a regular news item on our TV screens. This year it’s one of the resolutions that WI’s up and down the country will be campaigning on and raising awareness of.

In Selby, our budding anti plastics team who will spearhead our local campaign are Susie, Lisa and Jennie.

During the coming months, we’ll be sharing with you ways you can reduce your own use of plastic as well as exciting ways for members to pledge what changes they will make.

Lisa is putting her creative skills to good use to create us an eye catching piece of wearable clothing using recycled plastic.

Our campaign has got off to a great start with our launch article recently featured in the Selby Times. The Selby Times will be putting something in monthly as we update them, which is great for us (plus a bit of free advertising too!)

Since then, we’ve continued to make waves across our community.

Our members give monthly commitments on the small changes they are making to reduce plastic waste.

We’ve also taken our campaign nationwide – first a trip to London to speak at a conference about Ending Plastic Soup, then an invite to BBC Breakfast to share more about our work. Then a trip to the Houses of Parliament to help launch the Plastic Pollution Bill.

All of this campainging was done with one wonderful visual piece to provoke the discussion – Adelaide. Named after the founder of the W.I., Adelaide is made of non-recyclable plastic. Through her travels she has sparked interest amongst many to highlight how much plastic we use that isn’t recyclable. You can follow Adelaide’s progress on social media – look for #AdelaidesJourney.